Plano Plumbers Elite Helped Out Veterans During The Holidays

You might recognize the business name Plano Plumbers Elite when you hear it or see it in the Plano, Texas area. This licensed and professional plumbing company has been helping out area residents and businesses with their plumbing needs for a while, but this past holiday season, the people working here decided to take things a step further. As part of the season of giving, they decided to offer free plumbing services, and in some cases supplies, to veterans of the armed forces. This charitable act of kindness was well received by those who used to be in uniform in defense of their nation and way of life.

During the holidays, so many are concerned with what they’re going to give others they know or what they might get, but the staff at this business decided to give something back to those who have given so much already. Some members of the military gave their lives, others came back from overseas not in full health, and even those who are healthy physically still gave years of their lives, away from their families and homes to defend this great nation. That’s why this local Plano plumber decided to help the veterans out, even after they’re out of the services.

Plano Plumbers Elite is a family-owned business with two decades of experience. Check out their Facebook page for occasional offers and coupons. The licensed and insured plumbers and technicians are available 24/7 for plumbing emergencies, with the training to handle all kinds of situations. They also offer upfront pricing, so there is no sticker shock after work or repairs are done. Serving Plano, Collin County, and a surrounding service area, you can call these experts anytime day or night if things go wrong, or you can also schedule work in advance if you have a construction or renovation project that requires plumbing services. Of course, you can also just call them and thank them for helping out military veterans who needed plumbng work done during the previous holiday season.