Tips For Promoting Your Local Service Business Online

Selling your service to both local and global customers through a well thought out website is one of the most overlooked opportunities in marketing. With a properly set up lead generation website, you can attract new customers for your service from your local area, or indeed any part of the world.

You probably make most of your current sales to local customers, but have you never thought seriously about generating customers globally by using the Web? Despite the fact that it doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to showcase your skills to a ready-to-buy, worldwide audience, most business owners who sell services still fail to see the potential.

So assuming you can see the potential of selling your services to a much wider audience, how do you get started?

To sell your service online, you need to first establish a relationship with your potential clients. A content-rich website and an informative newsletter that build trust and credibility will go a long way to developing and solidifying this rapport. Most people assume that because the Internet is global, local businesses can’t profit from it. But the fact is, the Web works for both local and global businesses – you just need to know the ropes.

An information-filled Website lets your potential clients get to know you and your service better than a small flyer, a newspaper insert, or a display or classified ad can ever do. And an informed prospect who knows you and your business from reading through your website means they’ll be more confident about making a decision to buy from you. If your competitors don’t have a website or a website that inspires this type of confidence, you have a real edge on getting that follow-up contact about using your service.

The secret is to turn your website into an information resource, and the trust and understanding your site creates in your prospects will generate more clients and sales for your business over time.

Another critical factor for local service business owners to think about is that a website can be a relatively inexpensive form of long-term advertising, and a single new customer can bring ongoing profits to your business. The bottom line is that a lead generation website truly is a great way to get the Internet working for your service business.

So, what’s required to start using a website to promote your service business online?

The key is to build what we call a Theme-Based Content Site focusing on answering your prospect’s most important questions – the questions they’d normally ask before they hire you to perform any service. A website that does this can give you the highest Return On Investment of any marketing you do, but most service business owners never get around to it.

Set up well, your website will pull in hundreds of highly targeted visitors every month and can get more prospects to contact you about your service (and hire you for the job).

If this has got you thinking, here are a few final thoughts.

In your website content, PREsell, Don’t sell. Use well written, and highly related, content that is of value to your visitor/potential client on your site and in your newsletters. Try to create an irresistible first offer to get the customer on board, and then guarantee your work to remove any risk of him trying you out. Use customer testimonials (with pictures and website links if appropriate) to prove what you say is true. And finally, ask your readers to contact you, and make getting in touch easy.

If you focus your efforts on using your website to start a two-way dialogue with your prospects and customers and make an incredible offer that makes it a no-brainer for them to at least give you a try, it will prove to be one of the best business investments you’ve ever made.